American Women are the Best


American women get a bad rap, which is warranted to some degree. Especially since American women listen to bad rap. But ignore the naysayers—the best girls in the world are in your own backyard.


Feminism may have hardened American women. The equality lie may have caused women to focus on their careers, making them forget about their true calling of raising children. Cell phones and social media addiction may have turned American women into lifeless zombies blah blah blah.

You know the complaints. And the complaints sound true when you’re perched on your armchair, and when you like complaining. But unlike most guys who write about sexual politics, I leave my apartment sometimes.

As a result of my ability to go out, I’ve dated plenty of American women, and foreign women, and American women are the best. Here’s why.


Foreign girls are much more likely than American girls to have a collectivist spirit—that is, no spirit. I can theorize all day about the backwardness of collectivism, and I do. But seeing it manifest in a foreign girl you’re dating makes you feel like an idiot for dating her. You see her bend over backwards to provide for her parasitic mother and sister. Not because she wants to provide for them, but because it’s her duty. No thank you. Whatever feminine spirit she does have is blunted by her inability to see herself as a being unto herself.

So sure, a Filipina will be more likely to be a stay at home mom, but she may only be doing it because she doesn’t know what it is to be inclined to do anything else.

Plus, her collectivism will make it much more likely that she is a soccer fan. Blech.

They know feminism is bullcrap

Feminism may have ruined a few girls, but for the most part, the only thing ruining American girls is American dudes standing around and complaining about how American girls are ruined by feminism.

If there ever were any disciples of feminism still out there, they’re living in second- and third-world countries. In Nepal, for instance, rape has yet to be criminalized. So women in Nepal are sold feminism as the only solution, thus inviting in a swarm of package-deal ideas like biological equality. This makes sense to Nepalese women because they haven’t seen the futility of equality firsthand.

The American girl has seen. So she pays feminism the lip service it barely deserves, then makes dinner for the first guy who gropes her inappropriately.

American men are dorks

When you date American girls, your main competition is American men, who are usually dorks. Here’s what I imagine is the inner dialogue of an American girl who’s deciding to go out with me instead of a finance guy: “Well, Mark’s ugly and awkward and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a real job, but what the hell else am I going to do? Go to the Hamptons with Wesley so I can hear him not so subtlety talk about how much money he makes at his gay-ass job? By the way, it’s fucking weird how he prefers to be called Wesley instead of Wes. Dude, that doesn’t make up for my inability to respect you.”

Hit or miss

Okay, some American women are awful. And there’s no hope for them. But so what? You don’t need to talk to them. For every American women out there who makes your face melt off from all her lameness, there’s ten more behind her ready to hit it out of the park for you.

It is true that, for most masculine men, any random Korean woman is going to be more likely to be good enough for you, but it’s much more rare to find a Korean woman who knocks your socks off than an American woman who can do the same.


Foreign women are lazy and complacent. Observe foreigners playing frisbee in the park. It’s like watching hippos sun bathe. A lot of American women are obese, but the ones who are in shape are in some fucking shape. And they have the indomitable spirit that goes along with a firm body.

Genuine submission

The essence of femininity is submission. But you cannot trust the submission of a foreign woman because she may only be submitting because her dad beat her up to practice the cello for six hours per day. When an American woman submits in the face of an avalanche of cultural pressure that tells her not to, you can trust that to be genuine submission. And it feels better as a result.

I was recently out with a Japanese girl who did not resist sex on the first date. Not even a little. I doubt she likes me that much—she just doesn’t know how to say no to a man. I felt like a trust fund kid cashing a dividend check. Sure, I got paid, but it didn’t feel that great.


Foreign women can be great, too. This isn’t about weighing and measuring women—analyzing women only seems productive if you’re not out in the world meeting them and having fun doing it. The point is to forget about whatever cultural forces that may be keeping women in your town from being as attractive as they could be, and instead, focus on yourself. Because unless there is a line of women outside your bedroom door waiting their turn to have sex with you, then you’re not as attractive as you could be, either.

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