Girls are Puppies


Express love and set boundaries.


Imagine you just got back from the pound with a brand new puppy. Imagine how much you would love that puppy, which shouldn’t be too difficult because puppies are super easy to love. She barely needs to do anything special, and you’re still going to play with her ears, rub her belly, spank her fanny, and, in general, have a great time together while doing nothing in particular.

Even the fact your puppy is dumb doesn’t change the way you feel about her. If anything, her lack of an IQ makes her even more endearing.

After a while, you’ll notice the puppy needs you. Sure, you already knew that she needed you for food, shelter, and protection, but now she needs you in ways that defy explanation. It seems as though your puppy had an innate trigger for affection, and she was waiting for you to set it off.

The puppy has grown attached to you.

And you start to feel it too. This is when things get heavy; you have a life outside of your home and your puppy, so it can be difficult to leave the puppy to go to work, or spend time with your friends, or spend time alone. It’s difficult to say no to something that seems helpless without you.

But you do say no, because it’s best for you and it’s best for the puppy.

And sometimes your puppy will misbehave. It’s not because she wants to, it’s because she needs to in order to see how you react. Puppies, for the sake of their self-interest, need to know who you really are.

So puppies will bark and whine and cause a ruckus.

Puppies will chew your socks.

Puppies may even poop on the floor.

But you can’t get mad at her. You can’t fight with her. You can’t even disagree with her. After all, she’s just a puppy.

All you can do is calmly let her know, even though you love her very much, it’s not okay for her to misbehave. If you take care of your puppy, nothing more is needed.

She may resist, but this is the way she wants it even though she doesn’t know it, not that she would tell you if she did. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to trust you.

It’s a tall order, so if you want a puppy, you will need to bring a deep sense of purpose to your life. But since you don’t want her to have just any schmuck as an owner, you wouldn’t expect anything less from yourself.

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