Rate Girls in Binary


A call for honesty.


Guys are notorious for rating girls on their looks, on a 1-10 scale. This indicates a girl’s “bangability,” to put it technically. The rating of girls usually sounds something like, “I don’t know if I would, dude. She’s only a 6 at most.” Or, “If I had a threesome with two 5’s, would that be equal to sex with one 10?”

Soccer moms, if they were able to understand the breadth of male jocularity, would say that rating girls is a sign of immaturity. This is true to some degree because nobody rates girls more than a group of high school boys who refer to heavy petting as “play.”

But it’s more complicated than that. Rating girls makes us guys sound more selective, but we only want to sound more selective because we think we should be more selective. As guys, when we act selective, it makes it seem like we are cooler than we actually are.

In other words, rating girls on the 1-10 scale is a power play. But no guy is this selective by nature. I’ve beaten off to a crease in a couch cushion before. So such a mindset facilitates self-loathing towards our own masculinity because our masculinity has no qualms about having sex with a 200 lb rugby player with a cute face.

In order to avoid this self-loathing, only rate girls in binary. All girls are either a “1” or a “0.” Either you would or you wouldn’t. If she’s a 1, then you can start judging her personality, attitude, and self-esteem, which is when it’s time to demand high standards—that is, good behavior.

But as far as looks are concerned, it’s very simple.

And to make this as absolutely clear, if you get a boner from looking at a particular girl’s naked body, then she’s a 1. If you don’t, then she’s a 0. If your penis has no problem having sex with her, then you have no problem having sex with her, even if she isn’t your type, or if you’ve had hotter.

In the moment, it doesn’t matter whether she looks like Gisele or Ugly Betty. It only matters if you’re using the girl for validation, which is way more emasculating than being with a fatty.

Feminists, when they learn about the 1-10 scale, swing to the other side and declare any rating system to be an objectification of girls, as if objectification is a bad thing. But we have a right to objectify girls just like they have a right to objectify us. Convincing yourself looks don’t matter is only possible if you have a degree in gender issues.

The binary rating system isn’t the Aristotelian Golden Mean between complete subjectivity and 1-10 rating system. The motive is different. The motive is honesty, and that’s what makes it good, but not in the “Platonic Form of the Good” kind of way. I could keep going with ancient philosophy references, but then this paragraph would read like a Heraclitean flux—okay, last one.

Of course, your best bet is to always hit on the most attractive girls you can because, why the heck not? Contrary to popular belief, cuter girls are usually friendlier, smarter, and more balanced than their uglier counterparts. Or maybe that’s only what I want to believe.

Regardless, rate girls in binary. It takes the pressure off, and you’ll begin to realize there’s no difference between a stunner and a girl who has a crooked face and kind of small tits. And who knows? Perhaps over time you will become a more authentic person and like girls, instead of liking them for making you look cool in front of your friends.

DatingMark Derian