Win $500 for a 30 Minute Debate!


An open challenge to academics in psychology.


Here’s how it works:

1. Read a copy of Man’s Guide to Psychology, which proposes a unified theory of the field.
2. If you disagree with any of the ideas in the book, we'll record a debate and I'll post it on Youtube.
3. If you win, as determined by votes in the comments, then you’ll get $500.

Again, that’s $500 to any academic psychologist who reads my book, publicly debates me, and wins.

Is this a desperate attempt to get more feedback on my ideas? You better believe it. By far the most frustrating part about my time in grad school was the reluctance of most professors to openly discuss my theory. Maybe an extra incentive will work.

Email animus [at] animusempire [dot] com if you’re interested.