The bridge from who you are to who you want

to be.


Animus Group

The bridge from who you are to who you want to be.


By being on this page, you’re considering that you may need to change on a deep level to get what you want in life!

But, of course, you're going to fail. 

No matter how much you want to improve, you’re going to fall off the wagon. You’re going to lose track of what you need to do, regress to old ways, then convince yourself it’s not that big of deal.

You don’t need another life hack. You don’t need more discipline. You don’t need a new accountability app on your phone. These remedies only cover up the real problem, which is how you manage emotions.

That’s right, the problem is how you manage emotions. It’s not the pick-up lines you use, it’s how you manage emotions. It’s not the clothes you wear, it’s how you manage emotions. It’s not your height, weight, or lack of hair—it’s how you manage emotions.

The point of Animus Group is to help manage our emotions. And you’re not going to find a better resource for doing this.

Emotions are the ultimate challenge. When we learn to work with them, any potential for tragedy disappears.

I always come out of Animus Group calm and refreshed. It’s like all my stress and rage has been washed away, revealing a totally new me.
— Animus Group Member

My Story

I get it. You don’t want to talk with anybody. It feels weird to talk about your insecurities and fears with other men online.

You only want to read about self-improvement in secret and not ask for help.

But it doesn’t take intelligence to change, it takes courage.

This is a lesson I learned the hard way.

Like any guy in his 20s who was serious about personal development, I read a lot of books on how to be successful. I set goals and wrote them down. I created a daily schedule with various routines. Life hacking was my copilot.

But I kept getting thrown off track.

By what? I had no idea.

I kept making excuses and getting down on myself when success wouldn’t come as fast as I wanted (and it never does).

My willpower couldn’t keep up with my desire.

I wanted to think this was because I was being hard on myself—like I was trying to do too much. But that was another excuse. The truth was, I lacked proper stabilization. I lacked regulation. I lacked a foundation of emotional maturity on which I could build success.

It wasn’t until I began talking with people about what was truly going on and getting honest about my struggles and values that life started to get better.

Connection, not effort, was what ultimately changed who I am.

I went to meetups for activities I didn't care about. I went to group therapy for issues I didn't have. I talked with priests even though I'm not Catholic. And I attended a youth outreach at a Synagogue even though I’m not Jewish.

Hey, I was desperate.

These were steps in the right direction but none of the groups could help at a fundamental level because they didn't have the proper resources—the psychological resources that could only come from years of graduate school that culminated in discovering the structure of emotions.

It's only when I combined the connection of group with the theories of Animus that magic started to happen.

Procrastination went away. I didn't make the commitment to stop procrastinating... it just *happened.*

My authenticity with girls skyrocketed, which allowed me to connect with them on a much deeper level. Relationships made life less stressful and more meaningful. I didn't learn any lines or tricks... it just *happened.*

I developed a better relationship with my bosses and professors. I reached out more and communicated more clearly. I didn't learn techniques for doing this from a success manual... it just *happened.*

My sleep, focus, and energy all improved dramatically... it just *happened.*

The stabilizing power of a group, combined with a deep understanding of human psychology, is the crux of transformation. It has always been the crux of transformation, and Animus Group is its most advanced iteration. It is that which bridges the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

In just three short months of regularly attending Animus Group, I have experienced a tremendous improvement in my life. Group has given me confidence that I am capable of gradually winning the battles with myself that I thought I would never win. The improvements in my mood, posture, and neuroticism are tangible. This alone is worth five times the cost.

I thought my problems and struggles weren’t significant enough to merit therapy, yet Mark knew all the right questions to ask. You won’t find a better therapist, Mark truly understands psychology and how it influences man’s relationship with the world. He knows what works and he’s offering something truly transformative. Only you can ever really change yourself, but Mark is the best guide out there to help you navigate your inner world.

For the first time ever, I am excited for what the future holds. And that is priceless.
— Howard

Recap and price

  • 30-minute introductory call to break down your current state and discuss specific goals.

  • Weekly livestream in which I address and summarize issues from the week and answer your questions in real time.

  • “Office hours” from 1 pm to 3 pm EST every weekday (subject to change).

  • The private Facebook wall to foster discussion among the members plus whatever additional thoughts I may have.

  • 60-minute group therapy sessions for an extra $15 (price subject to change).

  • The option to do a 30-minute consultation for an extra $50 (price subject to change).

  • Get access to everything above for $50 per month (price subject to change and cancel at any time).

Try it risk-free for the first 30 days!

That’s right, I offer your money back after one month if Animus Group isn’t working for whatever reason.


I could triple this price and halve the benefits and you still wouldn't be able to find this much direct contact with a therapist for this little money.

Besides, most therapists are flat-out a waste because they haven't taken the time to figure out what psychology even is.

Why offer such ridiculous value? Because I care. Also I'm making a name for myself and my ideas.

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