235 Symptoms

Beto O’Rourke is as patronizing as Robert Kennedy (1:30).
Instagram policy intimates an oppressive patriarchy does exist (10:00).
Pedophilia in the Catholic Church is a symptom of a deeper issue (13:45).
How to treat an eating disorder (21:45).
How to connect with others in a masculine way (23:30).
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228 Moana

Intro: a shocking bit of info about the Simpsons.
Moana and the shame of racial pride (3:30).
Individualism is a counterintuitive anomaly (9:45).
Why CBT became accepted even though it doesn’t work (17:30).
Whether to break up with a boyfriend who won’t get help (21:15).
How to train children to think (25:00).
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226 Hippolytus

Intro: Creed 2 trailer encapsulates what a good idea is.
Separating from the Terrible Mother tears us apart (5:00).
Keep families together and emotional processing (14:45).
When to stop being hard on yourself (21:30).
The proper context for exposure therapy (26:45).
How opiate addiction is different than other types of addiction (28:30).
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225 Trump Un

Intro: insecurity and ego.
Trump and Un meeting needs to be treated like therapy (2:15).
Whether Bourdain was a coward or had a disorder (9:45).
What to do when you’re feeling suicidal (20:00).
Unconscious Map success story (26:15).
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224 The Roosevelts

Boutique pet stores encapsulate Western civilization (1:45).
Death Wish is greatest movie since Death Wish (2:30).
Proof SJWs don’t read (3:30).
The narcissism inherent in identity politics (4:30).
How to talk with somebody who just got back from a vacation (8:15).
Anti-bullying is slave morality response to master morality (11:15).
McSweeny’s article on the nature of mental disorder (13:45).
The despicable nature of Teddy Roosevelt (15:15).
What it means to trust your intuition (24:15).
What qualifies as trauma (26:45).
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223 Paleo Psychology

Intro: Apologizing for being tone deaf is also tone deaf.
The revolution in psychology is a lot like the paleo diet revolution (2:30).
What to do when you have nothing to say (16:15).
On whether children consciously make the decision to create their identity (20:15).
The department of education is a monument to stasis (25:00).
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220 Lil Tay

Intro: Lil Tay; Alex Honnold; Lebron.
What is meaning and how to find it (5:00).
When and how much eye contact to make (12:15).
Whether it’s possible or necessary to read one book per day (15:45).
What guys are thinking when they’re not that into you (19:30).
How to heal the wounds caused by an absent father (24:30).

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