270 Timaeus

Intro: The Odyssey is a story about developing a sense of urgency.
Ben Shapiro BBC interview is a retelling of Narcissus (8:45).
How to tell when you’re done with therapy (19:00).
Whether it’s possible to stop drinking without anxiety management (26:45).
Why the big three religions view sexuality as sinful (29:30).
Whether the shadow is monstrous, as Jordan Peterson says it is (38:45).
The true nature of willpower and how to strengthen it (45:00).
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269 Rand vs Jung

Intro: how to find the pressure points in your psychology.
De Blasio aggravates the homeless tragedy (6:00).
How to tell when your intuition is wrong (12:30).
An introduction to empiricism and rationalism (28:15).
Gratitude as rationalism (35:30).
Exposure therapy as empiricism (37:30).
Past vs present in therapy as rationalism vs empiricism (40:00).
Positive psychology as rationalism (42:15).
Stereotype threat as empiricism (44:30).
Power poses as rationalism (46:30).
Responsibility as rationalism (48:30).
Discipline as rationalism (49:45).
Behaviorism as empiricism (51:30).
Ten Commandments as rationalism (52:45).
God as rationalism and empiricism (54:30).
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268 Jung the Tradcon

Intro: Schwarzenegger talk.
When psychological projections are healthy (2:45).
How our insecurities corrupt virtue (8:15).
Whether fear or anger is a greater motivator (13:00).
Psychological tyranny leads to political tyranny (16:00).
The number one way to alleviate loneliness (20:00).
Everyone gets immigration wrong (23:00).
Whether Carl Jung would be a libertarian (30:00).
The problem with utilitarianism and effective altruism (36:45).
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267 Thanos

Intro: the nature of the black pill.
Healthy fantasy vs unhealthy fantasy (5:00).
The real difference between alpha and beta males (11:30).
Game of Thrones and the difference between a situation and its context (17:30).
Joe Biden, Thanos, and why we remain stuck in life (25:00).
How to let go of an injustice (37:30).
How to fix a nagging girlfriend (45:00).
The folly of negative utilitarianism (50:45).
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266 Notre Dame

Intro: how to manage emotions without psychology.
A Twitter discussion reveals everything about psychology (7:00).
Notre Dame is a dream artifact (27:00).
The real reason Tiger was able to come back (41:00).
Why some people get worse with therapy (44:45).
When it helps to visualize how to handle a stressful situation (49:15).
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265 Structure vs Freedom

Intro: Everybody is lying to you.
Assange arrest (9.00).
Andrew Yang represents good ideas in a broken framework (12.30).
A fallacy that permeates psychology (18.30).
Structure vs freedom is a false dichotomy that causes confusion (21.00).
Stoicism vs emotionalism (26:15).
Nazism vs communism (28:30).
Tiger moms vs American permissiveness (32:15).
Alpha vs beta (35:00).
Micromanaging vs tuning out (38:00).
Cognitive psychology vs psychodynamic (39:30).
When to talk about your problems with friends and family (42:00).
Why CBT research doesn’t hold up (46:30).
Fantasies about living your life over again (48:00).
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264 Emotional Initiation

Intro: the root cause of every single one of our issues.
What Shakespeare teaches us about therapy (2:45).
What the college admissions scandal teaches us about therapy (9:30).
Recap of the stages of adult development (14:00).
How to have a fulfilling long-term relationship (19:00).
What it means to be mature (30:30).
Why there are disagreements about the influence of biology on gender (40:00).
The Myers-Briggs vs the Big Five (44:00).
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263 Emotion Money

Intro: what to learn from homeless people.
Movies become exhausting when you learn emotions (5:15).
How to use the grief of death (9:15).
What caused the New Zealand shooting (10:30).
Top ten signs you blame the Boomers for ruining America (19:00).
Financial advice is some of the best psychological advice (28:30).
The mechanisms behind deja vu (44:15).
A story about the dangers of gratitude (46:15).
Whether people have different levels of energy (49:30).
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261 Sam Harris Meditation

Intro: importance of pain; desire vs impetus.
Top ten pick-up lines overheard at an antifa protest (11:15).
The Sam Harris type of meditation teaches repression (16:00)
Whether it's possible to "cure" homosexuality (33:15).
Why teen suicide is on the rise (39:00).
Why we over-complicate weight loss and success (46:15).
Whether workaholism and sex addiction are real (50:30).
How to be consistent (53:00).
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260 Friends

Intro: The open secret of our society.
How to tell if your psychologist is terrible (5.00).
Top ten signs your neighbor is Jussie Smollett (16.00).
What we need to learn from having friends (20.30).
Whether it’s moral to take advantage of an immoral system (33.00).
What is success from a psychological perspective (37.15).
How to determine what threats we’re avoiding (42.30).
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258 The Brothers Karamazov

Intro: what a unification of psychology means to you.
How to think about religion (6:00).
A story about my confirmation (12:00).
Top ten complaints about Amy Winehouse from her roommate in Heaven (20:00).
Three psychological takeaways from Brothers Karamazov (25:30).
Whether chemical addictions are secondary emotional payoffs (42:00).
Whether it’s right to harvest organs from criminals (45:00).
Whether capital punishment is right (50:15).
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257 Separate From Parents

Intro: why self-sabotage occurs; the misconception about victimhood.
The first stage of adult development (4:00).
The Brothers Karamazov is a novel for today (8:45).
Mid90s is a movie about defeating an oedipal mother (13:00).
The key to separating from your parents (21:00).
An aside about the homeless problem (27:00).
How to separate from parents (35:00).
Failure in separation from parents (39:30).
Whether parents should pay for college tuition (45:45).
What does it mean to be a good person (49:00).
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256 Therapeutic Process

Intro: the failure of therapy.
Intensity trumps taste (3:30).
Why women laugh at groin shots (8:45).
Why Russians are the best gymnasts, and what this teaches us about psychology (11:00).
The five stages of the therapeutic process (18:30).
(education, awareness, acceptance, process, action)
Gobekli Tepe aside (38:30).
What to do when your girlfriend withholds sex (41:45).
Whether Stoicism is about being emotionless (45:00).
Why you get more anxious at night (49:30).
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