220 Lil Tay

Intro: Lil Tay; Alex Honnold; Lebron.
What is meaning and how to find it (5:00).
When and how much eye contact to make (12:15).
Whether it’s possible or necessary to read one book per day (15:45).
What guys are thinking when they’re not that into you (19:30).
How to heal the wounds caused by an absent father (24:30).

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219 Kanye

Intro: shipping issue.
Kanye and how black America is North Korea (2:15).
The undercurrent of #MeToo (9:30).
A heterodox opinion on Bill Cosby (13:30).
23 and Me is for nerds (15:45).
A helpful way to think about cultural decline (18:45).

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218 Incel Rage

Intro: incel rage is the male version of #MeToo.
Whether we can teach boys not to rape (11:15).
Aristotle suggested reading (17:45).
Aristotle, his tutoring of Alexander (20:45).
How to confront the anxiety of robots taking our jobs (22:15).
The difference between passive aggressiveness and hostility (28:00).

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Animus AirMark Derian
217 Empty Chair

Intro: shamanism.
Mom talking to teenage son (6:30).
Critics who are bad at the art they criticize (15:00).
Jordan Peterson and the acceptance of the status quo (17:30).
Connecting with a deceased parent (21:00).
Laughing as a defense against anxiety (27:15).
When cognitive therapy is appropriate (32:30).
How to meditate the right way (36:00).

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Animus AirMark Derian