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258 The Brothers Karamazov

Intro: what a unification of psychology means to you.
How to think about religion (6:00).
A story about my confirmation (12:00).
Top ten complaints about Amy Winehouse from her roommate in Heaven (20:00).
Three psychological takeaways from Brothers Karamazov (25:30).
Whether chemical addictions are secondary emotional payoffs (42:00).
Whether it’s right to harvest organs from criminals (45:00).
Whether capital punishment is right (50:15).
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257 Separate From Parents

Intro: why self-sabotage occurs; the misconception about victimhood.
The first stage of adult development (4:00).
The Brothers Karamazov is a novel for today (8:45).
Mid90s is a movie about defeating an oedipal mother (13:00).
The key to separating from your parents (21:00).
An aside about the homeless problem (27:00).
How to separate from parents (35:00).
Failure in separation from parents (39:30).
Whether parents should pay for college tuition (45:45).
What does it mean to be a good person (49:00).
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256 Therapeutic Process

Intro: the failure of therapy.
Intensity trumps taste (3:30).
Why women laugh at groin shots (8:45).
Why Russians are the best gymnasts, and what this teaches us about psychology (11:00).
The five stages of the therapeutic process (18:30).
(education, awareness, acceptance, process, action)
Gobekli Tepe aside (38:30).
What to do when your girlfriend withholds sex (41:45).
Whether Stoicism is about being emotionless (45:00).
Why you get more anxious at night (49:30).
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250 Hiawatha

Intro: Hiawatha crater proves Atlanteans built the pyramids.
How bachelors and married guys can both be sad (4:00).
What to do when you have depression (11:30).
The relationship between altruism and anxiety, clarified (14:00).
Why the individual is sacred (19:00).
Rand vs Aristotle on epistemology (30:15).
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248 AI

Intro: the real threat of artificial intelligence.
The ghost of microaggressions (5:30).
Why freedom changes definition (10:00).
How to tell whether you’re too dumb for a profession (13:15).
How to allow your adolescent child to fully develop (17:15).
The neuroscience of meditation (22:45).
How to grieve properly (24:45).
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243 Blackface

Intro: insomnia is a call.
How the book of Job makes sense (4:00).
Gad Saad criticizes Jung, misses the point (10:45).
The psychology license leads to censorship (20:00).
What blackface comments reveal about your vagina (22:30).
How a CBT psychologist can be Leftist (28:00).
We may not be ready for individualism (30:00).
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242 NPC

Intro: highfalutin, jargon-y call to action.
Say’s law as it relates to psychology (4:30).
Kobayashi Maru for girls, money, and school (9:45).
Handmaid’s Tale is the female unconscious (18:30).
Elizabeth Warren is 2018 (21:15).
NPC meme works because the Left is a religion that criticizes religion (22:30).
The final word on nature vs nurture (25:30).
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