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273 Alchemy

Intro: the importance of talking through your cautiously guarded issues.
Magazine moving sale: (7:30).
An introduction to the rule paradox (12:00).
The rule paradox as it applies to psychology (19:15).
The rule paradox as it applies to the manosphere (25:15).
Elaboration of the rule paradox (29:30).
Alchemy as an archetypal process, how it manifests today (33:15).
How exactly fear is a great motivator (45:15).
What wisdom is and how it differs from intelligence (49:45).
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272 Uroboros

Intro: psychology informs philosophy like emotions inform reason.
Whether the SJW campus culture is really that bad (8:00).
Introduction to the uroboros and what it means (14:00)
How to apply the uroboros today (21:15).
What to do when you find yourself being overly critical (33:45).
The right way to experience gratitude (40:30).
How to act around a mentor figure (48:00).
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271 Generativity

Intro: further proof psychology research is a fiat industry.
The root of every problem you’ve ever had (5:00).
The real reason why Everest is crowded (9:30).
Announcement: Unconscious Map, the Course (14:15).
Generativity is the final stage of adult development (28:30)
When psychologists should break confidentiality (41:00).
What valid psychological research is there to do (47:00).
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270 Timaeus

Intro: The Odyssey is a story about developing a sense of urgency.
Ben Shapiro BBC interview is a retelling of Narcissus (8:45).
How to tell when you’re done with therapy (19:00).
Whether it’s possible to stop drinking without anxiety management (26:45).
Why the big three religions view sexuality as sinful (29:30).
Whether the shadow is monstrous, as Jordan Peterson says it is (38:45).
The true nature of willpower and how to strengthen it (45:00).
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269 Rand vs Jung

Intro: how to find the pressure points in your psychology.
De Blasio aggravates the homeless tragedy (6:00).
How to tell when your intuition is wrong (12:30).
An introduction to empiricism and rationalism (28:15).
Gratitude as rationalism (35:30).
Exposure therapy as empiricism (37:30).
Past vs present in therapy as rationalism vs empiricism (40:00).
Positive psychology as rationalism (42:15).
Stereotype threat as empiricism (44:30).
Power poses as rationalism (46:30).
Responsibility as rationalism (48:30).
Discipline as rationalism (49:45).
Behaviorism as empiricism (51:30).
Ten Commandments as rationalism (52:45).
God as rationalism and empiricism (54:30).
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268 Jung the Tradcon

Intro: Schwarzenegger talk.
When psychological projections are healthy (2:45).
How our insecurities corrupt virtue (8:15).
Whether fear or anger is a greater motivator (13:00).
Psychological tyranny leads to political tyranny (16:00).
The number one way to alleviate loneliness (20:00).
Everyone gets immigration wrong (23:00).
Whether Carl Jung would be a libertarian (30:00).
The problem with utilitarianism and effective altruism (36:45).
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