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256 Therapeutic Process

Intro: the failure of therapy.
Intensity trumps taste (3:30).
Why women laugh at groin shots (8:45).
Why Russians are the best gymnasts, and what this teaches us about psychology (11:00).
The five stages of the therapeutic process (18:30).
(education, awareness, acceptance, process, action)
Gobekli Tepe aside (38:30).
What to do when your girlfriend withholds sex (41:45).
Whether Stoicism is about being emotionless (45:00).
Why you get more anxious at night (49:30).
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228 Moana

Intro: a shocking bit of info about the Simpsons.
Moana and the shame of racial pride (3:30).
Individualism is a counterintuitive anomaly (9:45).
Why CBT became accepted even though it doesn’t work (17:30).
Whether to break up with a boyfriend who won’t get help (21:15).
How to train children to think (25:00).
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