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261 Sam Harris Meditation

Intro: importance of pain; desire vs impetus.
Top ten pick-up lines overheard at an antifa protest (11:15).
The Sam Harris type of meditation teaches repression (16:00)
Whether it's possible to "cure" homosexuality (33:15).
Why teen suicide is on the rise (39:00).
Why we over-complicate weight loss and success (46:15).
Whether workaholism and sex addiction are real (50:30).
How to be consistent (53:00).
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260 Friends

Intro: The open secret of our society.
How to tell if your psychologist is terrible (5.00).
Top ten signs your neighbor is Jussie Smollett (16.00).
What we need to learn from having friends (20.30).
Whether it’s moral to take advantage of an immoral system (33.00).
What is success from a psychological perspective (37.15).
How to determine what threats we’re avoiding (42.30).
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258 The Brothers Karamazov

Intro: what a unification of psychology means to you.
How to think about religion (6:00).
A story about my confirmation (12:00).
Top ten complaints about Amy Winehouse from her roommate in Heaven (20:00).
Three psychological takeaways from Brothers Karamazov (25:30).
Whether chemical addictions are secondary emotional payoffs (42:00).
Whether it’s right to harvest organs from criminals (45:00).
Whether capital punishment is right (50:15).
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257 Separate From Parents

Intro: why self-sabotage occurs; the misconception about victimhood.
The first stage of adult development (4:00).
The Brothers Karamazov is a novel for today (8:45).
Mid90s is a movie about defeating an oedipal mother (13:00).
The key to separating from your parents (21:00).
An aside about the homeless problem (27:00).
How to separate from parents (35:00).
Failure in separation from parents (39:30).
Whether parents should pay for college tuition (45:45).
What does it mean to be a good person (49:00).
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256 Therapeutic Process

Intro: the failure of therapy.
Intensity trumps taste (3:30).
Why women laugh at groin shots (8:45).
Why Russians are the best gymnasts, and what this teaches us about psychology (11:00).
The five stages of the therapeutic process (18:30).
(education, awareness, acceptance, process, action)
Gobekli Tepe aside (38:30).
What to do when your girlfriend withholds sex (41:45).
Whether Stoicism is about being emotionless (45:00).
Why you get more anxious at night (49:30).
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250 Hiawatha

Intro: Hiawatha crater proves Atlanteans built the pyramids.
How bachelors and married guys can both be sad (4:00).
What to do when you have depression (11:30).
The relationship between altruism and anxiety, clarified (14:00).
Why the individual is sacred (19:00).
Rand vs Aristotle on epistemology (30:15).
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248 AI

Intro: the real threat of artificial intelligence.
The ghost of microaggressions (5:30).
Why freedom changes definition (10:00).
How to tell whether you’re too dumb for a profession (13:15).
How to allow your adolescent child to fully develop (17:15).
The neuroscience of meditation (22:45).
How to grieve properly (24:45).
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243 Blackface

Intro: insomnia is a call.
How the book of Job makes sense (4:00).
Gad Saad criticizes Jung, misses the point (10:45).
The psychology license leads to censorship (20:00).
What blackface comments reveal about your vagina (22:30).
How a CBT psychologist can be Leftist (28:00).
We may not be ready for individualism (30:00).
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