350 Hayek, Friedman, Santa Fe Shooting, Star Trek

Intro: Hayek, Free to Choose, and the sheen of 1970s documentaries.
South Carolina anti free speech bill is vaguely French in its wording (17:45).
Diagnosing American culture and how emotional regulation is as fundamental to culture as epistemology (25:00).
Animus Group plug (34:15).
Goldwater makes the error of cognitive therapy in Conscience of a Conservative (39:15).
Santa Fe Shooting and why the gun protesters miss the point (50:00).
Patterns of Force (1:08:45).
By Any Other Name (1:21:00).

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349 Kanye, Bobby Kennedy, Star Trek

Intro: Roseanne and whether it's valid to be grumpy about modern culture.
What the recent Kanye controversy says about public schools (10:30).
Wild Wild Country and the California as a traumatized state (43:30).
The Last Jedi and what needs to happen in episode IX (52:15).
Bobby Kennedy for President and the condescending nature of politics (1:13:00).
A Private Little War (1:26:00).
Return to Tomorrow (1:33:30).

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