369 Free Solo, Leaving Neverland, Hitch-22, Madeleine McCann, Star Trek


Intro: why retards are gay.
The projection of our anxiety informs modern political debate (13:00).
The psychology of a hoarder (20:00).
Whether Alex Honnold free solo of El Capitan is greatest athletic feat (32:15).
Leaving Neverland is a bastardization of the justice system (46:00).
Memoirs from the House of the Dead and the importance of theater (58:15).
Hitch-22 indicates the un-American culture of England (1:03:30).
The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann is the tip of the iceberg (1:20:00).
The Savage Curtain (1:30:15).
All Our Yesterdays (1:37:45).
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