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375 Trump Iran Reversal, Jimmy Dore, Serapeum of Saqqara

Intro: Krusty Gets Busted.
Trump on Iran and whether the deep state exists (9:00).
Analysis of Leftism in America this week (30:00).
Mark is moving to California (39:00).
Interesting facts about Serapeum of Saqqara (46:45).
Highlights from Simpsons season two (1:27:45).
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374 Chapo Trap House, Jar Jar vs C3PO, Zombie Simpsons

Intro: Bulletproof coffee and bro culture.
Brazen Heads notes from nine years ago (8:30).
Chapo Trap House (13:00).
What’s intriguing about antediluvian megaliths (21:15).
Jar Jar vs C3PO analysis (41:00).
Zombie Simpsons season 23 (1:02:30).
Simpsons season one recap (1:18:15).
thebrazenheadspodcast [at] gmail [dot] com

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