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372 Facebook Purge, Harlan County USA, The Simpsons

Whether to regulate Facebook (13:30).
Harlan County USA, and how to fix groupthink (46:00).
The one and only way to fix college (51:00).
What makes season 15-19 of the Simpsons unfunny (1:04:30).
Frustration with That 90s Show indicates why we need myth (1:14:30).
Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (1:24:30).
Bart the Genius (1:30:15).
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371 Stuart Russell, Notre Dame, The Illuminatus Trilogy, True Detective

Intro: why factory farming is cool.
An idea that disabuses fear about the singularity (6:00).
What Notre Dame really symbolizes, according to Hugo (20:30)
The Illuminatus Trilogy, and what makes good fantasy (35:00)
The Star Wars trailer reaction guy passes a cultural test (50:15).
Hobbes and Shaw will be as awesome as it is stupid (52:15).
The anatomy of a good Simpsons joke (58:30)
True Detective is a retelling of Philoctetes (1:18:30).
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370 Model 3, Mueller, Vice, True Detective, Star Trek

Into: the difference between LA and NYC homeless.
The state of psychology and why there is a replication problem (5:00).
The secret, Model 3 fart feature (32:45).
How to break our of inertia (35:00).
Mueller investigation is a lens into the American psyche (41:30).
Nixon and Trump both represent the same phenomenon (50:30).
Vice is indicative of a alien culture pushing their agenda (56:00).
True Detective is a true crime documentary in narrative form, plus philosophy (1:02:30).
The Turnabout Intruder (1:08:15).
A recap of our favorite Star Trek episodes and themes (1:24:15).
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369 Free Solo, Leaving Neverland, Hitch-22, Madeleine McCann, Star Trek

Intro: why retards are gay.
The projection of our anxiety informs modern political debate (13:00).
The psychology of a hoarder (20:00).
Whether Alex Honnold free solo of El Capitan is greatest athletic feat (32:15).
Leaving Neverland is a bastardization of the justice system (46:00).
Memoirs from the House of the Dead and the importance of theater (58:15).
Hitch-22 indicates the un-American culture of England (1:03:30).
The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann is the tip of the iceberg (1:20:00).
The Savage Curtain (1:30:15).
All Our Yesterdays (1:37:45).
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368 Stereotype Threat, Andy Warhol, Free Solo, Leaving Neverland, Star Trek

Intro: SpaceX Dragon would be impossible without Derek.
Stereotype threat research has been overturned (7:00).
Discussion about whether women are bad at math or they just don’t care (10:00).
Andy Warhol deserves only a piece of American art history (39:30).
Free Solo shows women are more dangerous than mountain climbing (59:30).
We talk about watching Leaving Neverland for next episode (1:23:45).
The Way to Eden (1:27:00).
The Cloud Minders (1:37:00).
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367 Mid 90s, Jussie Smollett, Fahrenheit 11/9, Star Trek

Intro: the unspoken benefit of taking care of yourself.
Oscars, Mid 90s is best movie of decade (12:30).
Jussie Smollett has anxiety he needs to manage (17:00).
Fahrenheit 11/9, the fundamental error that liberals commit (32:00).
Gaydar is real, what this means about the nature of homosexuality (48:45).
Bikini haul pedophilia scandal (1:07:00).
Lights of Zetar (1:20:00).
Requiem for Methuselah (1:29:00).
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366 SJW Psychoanalysis, DIM Hypothesis, Super Bowl, Star Trek

Intro: how to manage back pain.
Derek has a password issue (10:00).
Why SJWs really get triggered (23:00).
The cultural PTSD caused by WW2 (29:00).
Buzzfeed layoffs; Jack Dorsey and Twitter (38:00).
DIM Hypothesis and the trick to marketing intelligence (53:00).
Super Bowl predictions (1:09:00).
Virginia gov Ralph Northam (1:15:30).
Power Outage (1:19:00).
Mark of Gideon (1:24:30).
That Which Survives (1:33:30).
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365 Fyre Festival, Hollow Moon, The Brothers Karamazov, Star Trek, Nick Sandmann

Intro: opinions about government shutdown are class indicators.
What we would bring back if we had cultural amnesia (9:00).
The Fyre Festival will ultimately be a success, Billy McFarland a hero (18:00).
The hollow moon conspiracy is true (53:00).
The Brothers Karamazov has too many layers to cover in one episode (1:06:00).
Elaan of Troyius (1:10:00).
Whom Gods Destroy (1:17:00).
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (1:22:00).
Nicholas Sandmann is a canvas for our projections (1:31:00).
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364 The Brothers Karamazov, New Year's, Moon Landing Conspiracy, Blackface

Intro: the dark side of board game culture.
The Brothers Karamazov is an accepted form of distraction (14:00).
The point of New Year’s resolutions (36:30).
Our reaction to moon landing conspiracy theory is crazier than the conspiracy theory (45:15).
How blackface are related to the moon landing (1:03:15).
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363 9/11 Conspiracies, Network, Twin Peaks, Santa Claus

Intro: Epicureanism is a substitute for thought.
How to tell if you’re brainwashed (8:45).
Why 9/11 conspiracies say more about culture than they do 9/11 (26:00).
Beliefs are signals about who we want to be (55:00).
Analyzing season three of Twin Peaks defeats its purpose (1:15:00).
Whether it’s right to propagate the Santa Claus lie (1:30:00).

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