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371 Stuart Russell, Notre Dame, The Illuminatus Trilogy, True Detective

Intro: why factory farming is cool.
An idea that disabuses fear about the singularity (6:00).
What Notre Dame really symbolizes, according to Hugo (20:30)
The Illuminatus Trilogy, and what makes good fantasy (35:00)
The Star Wars trailer reaction guy passes a cultural test (50:15).
Hobbes and Shaw will be as awesome as it is stupid (52:15).
The anatomy of a good Simpsons joke (58:30)
True Detective is a retelling of Philoctetes (1:18:30).
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370 Model 3, Mueller, Vice, True Detective, Star Trek

Into: the difference between LA and NYC homeless.
The state of psychology and why there is a replication problem (5:00).
The secret, Model 3 fart feature (32:45).
How to break our of inertia (35:00).
Mueller investigation is a lens into the American psyche (41:30).
Nixon and Trump both represent the same phenomenon (50:30).
Vice is indicative of a alien culture pushing their agenda (56:00).
True Detective is a true crime documentary in narrative form, plus philosophy (1:02:30).
The Turnabout Intruder (1:08:15).
A recap of our favorite Star Trek episodes and themes (1:24:15).
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