Animus Issue 02

Animus Issue 02

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The emotional regulation issue: 190 pages, full-color illustrations, matte paper, perfect binding.

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This second issue of Animus includes:

  • A debunking of Stoicism, and why it makes men less manly.
  • How religious beliefs affect even the most strident atheists.
  • A survey of the crux of psychological health and how to develop it.
  • The truth about addiction and why the dominant schools of psychology are incapable of understanding it. 
  • An interview with Dr. Robert Glover about the psychological underpinnings of being a “nice guy.” 
  • The story of a young man’s struggle to be better than everyone while also trying to make friends.
  • A review of the book that predicted the travesties of the 20th Century, 30 years before they happened.
  • And much more...