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Process emotional issues to live with clarity and authority.

The Problem

You know what you’re supposed to do, but you don’t do it.

You know you’re supposed to talk to that girl, but you sit there unable to move.
You know you’re supposed to speak up at meetings, but when you finally do say something—after waiting for the right moment—you stumble over your words.

This is therapy on steroids.
— Dan S.

You know you’re supposed to be honest but you cannot help but pretend you’re smarter and richer than you are.
You know you’re supposed to wake up and study but you sleep in and lose yourself in Youtube.

You rationalize—maybe it’s not that bad, everyone else does it.

The second session alone will probably go down as top five most important moments of my life.
— Dan G.

What Doesn't Work

You’ve read about mindset training and the importance of having a positive attitude but it feels like—and it’s no more helpful than—your dad yelling at you.
Maybe you tried therapy, but you didn’t know what to talk about and it left you even more confused than before.

You even tried blaming the government, current political culture in America, or the opposite sex. And for some reason this makes everything worse.

You may have even read Man’s Guide to Psychology and the ideas seemed good enough but it didn’t help you to live a better life.

Within three sessions we uncovered the fundamental, emotional issue in my life that was keeping me from growing and maturing.
— Walter S.

The Solution

In short, emotional processing. Reviewing the central issues of your life and talking about them in a healthy way.

It's time to talk. The Unconscious Map™ lets us know what to talk about and, more importantly, how to talk about it.

This is the benefit of developing a systematized view of what psychology is. It allows us to pinpoint exactly what to talk about and how to talk about it to make individual therapy not only more effective but more brief. It makes it possible to do the work of ten years of psychoanalysis in six sessions.

I’ve tried therapy before but the Unconscious Map was different. The direction felt intuitive and safe, like I was being guided through the crevices of my mind by someone who’s been there… and it saved me thousands of dollars in the long run.
— Samantha M.

A concentrated yet comprehensive kind of therapy:


Get back your willpower.


Transcend trauma from childhood and adolescence.


Process emotional hang-ups so they are no longer self-sabotaging.


It’s like hitting a reset button on your psychology.



  • $1000 for six, one-hour sessions.
  • Full refund after 30 days of the final session. Unlike most therapists, I don't want to be paid if I'm not helpful.

Send me your number and a brief outline of your situation. Then we'll get on the phone for ten minutes to see if this kind of therapy is a good fit.

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